Here I’d like to share my goal for the next several weeks.

First of all, the main goal is to develop my skills in Python and to extend them as far as possible. To achieve this I decided, apart from reading books, to create a real application. So, the question was – what kind of software would be both interesting and challenging enough? Having though for a little time, I came with an idea: I’ll write a cross-platform CD/DVD burning application. And that’s why: I don’t like paying for software and I hate what Nero has turned into (a 700Mb monster), and none of free burning apps are good enough for me.

So, here are the main requirements for my future CD/DVD burner:

  1. Developed in Python. That’s point of the whole blog 🙂
  2. The code has to be perfect, written in Python style (not C++) and be reusable (useful for others).
  3. Cross-platform. Yes, Python runs on many OS itself, but the domain-logic is hardly portable. Main targets are Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  4. User-friendly UI – it should be better than average open-source one (you know, those ugly designs you cannot look at without tears in your eyes). In my opinion, it has to be fun to work with software. Since, I’m not a designer at all and the budget is $0, it’s gonna be somewhat difficult to achieve 🙂
  5. It should be functional – be able to burn CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays/Audio/Video/ISO and so on. In general, it should be able to work with any kind of media.
  6. The installation process has to be smooth and without a mess – in contradict to usual open-source software (./configure && make things)

So, the goal is set, the work is waiting. Hopefully this tale will be fun and educational. 🙂