To start with, I’ll describe the development environment I’ll use to create my CD/DVD burner. Work progress will commence on Windows platform, since that OS is the most familiar for me.

The tools I’ll use:

  • ActiveState Active Python 2.6. That package is de-facto a standard for Windows.
  • ActiveState Komodo Edit. This editor is nice choice for developing in Python on Windows, though not ideal. I like, that Komode Edit is able to compose sources into workspaces, just like Visual Studio does 🙂
  • Qt framework by Nokia for GUI. I’m in love with this library, and since it’s now redistributed under LGPL, my love have increased noticeably 🙂 I will use Qt 4.5.2.
  • PyQt – Python bindings for Qt. I’m not yet familiar with PyQt and hope to get into it during the development process.

When Windows version will be ready I’ll  move on other platforms, and the toolset will surely be changed. But the set of software I specified should be sufficient for the initial release.

In the next post I’ll post the rough mock-up of my CD/DVD burner.